The Wall

Shopping Center Riviera. Moscow. 2016.

Garbage – it’s an important part of our everyday life. We produce garbage, consume garbage, throw away garbage, collect garbage. It has many meanings and metaphors. The garbage has dualism. On the one hand it is waste of people’s lives that are aesthetically attractive enough, often have a bad odor and colour, and on the other hand it can be extraordinarily picturesque and necessary for the study of the processes taking place in society. With the advent of the Internet appeared the network garbage. With the development of the blogosphere and social networks increases the amount of unnecessary data consumed by users. Someone this garbage “throws” and someone carefully “stores” in the memory. Consumption of goods and services more and more increasing. According to statistics, people buy more than they need. Garbage on a landfill, garbage in the city, garbage in the the woods, garbage in the river, garbage under your feet, garbage in our homes, garbage in our heads. Multicolored garbage scattered in the space of reality, ready to swallow it completely. We wanted to show the diversity of garbage in our modern world. This is a banal waste of human life and the presence of a comprehensive network garbage in the form of multi-colored atoms-pixels of the new virtual the work used for printing on banner, which is often used for advertising, whose task to get our attention, but in fact serves as a curtain to divert us from the more essential things. Painting on the print gives it a materiality and tactility.