Series of combinations

MMOMA.Moscow. 2015.

The problem of coexistence of a «virtual» and «real» worlds is very interesting. Their border crossing, connection or coincidence, parallelism of the imaginary and in sensations. We aim to capture the moment hovering between different levels of perception – the transit zone “vacuum” in which resides any computer or smart phone user. In this hybrid reality in parts displayed and whimsically combined near and far, present and virtual, material and imaginary. Vibrant acrylic colors reproduce not only the random digital photos found via search engines Yandex and Google. On the white surface of the primed canvas as embodied and flicker, as if on the plasma display, multi-colored pixels. The world is not a cozy, crushed. He has the ability to be combined in different ways, each time giving us a new picture of reality. It manifests itself in a white space infinity and then eludes us, giving scope for the imagination. “Information Anxiety” today forms the background of life of millions people who are trying to balance on the waves of network traffic. Potentially infinite tabs, windows and pages pose new discoveries in the mosaic of virtual worlds, but also have all the chances to “absorb” the reality, replace it with a more attractive space, where the man himself will determine his environment, to simulate it as you wish, combine of options as in the simulator.