Internal filters

Brewhouse. Mytischi. Moscow region. 2016.

Different people the same event perceive differently, even despite the fact that they had seen him at the same time. Everything is subjective. We have different opinions on the same issues that are diametrically different from each other. The amount of information a person receives enormous. Especially now that the Internet is widespread and its rate is unusually high. If we look at the situation objectively, we can not perceive all that is in the environment. And not to drown in the endless sea of knowledge and meanings, have to create internal filters that restrict our perception as well as make it different from the perceptions of others. We do not perceive reality as it is, and selectively, according to what we know about it and what purpose they pursue. The “Internal filters” is devoted to the theme of perception of reality. Often not fully clear, not download fully, as well as having its colour varies depending on the internal state of the viewer and the information that it absorbs. The initial stage of the boot image is always ambiguous. Its meaning and value can not be fully understood, but it gives the image a meaningful colour filter colouring, which become very important. These colourful field not download images as additional space in which people can immerse yourself and experience any emotion or this field can be a barrier, shutter, blocks our way to understanding what is happening.