Triumph Gallery, Moscow. 2015.

The project “Vacuum” is an art metaphor of our immersion into the closed, illusory, media world.
In the modern world media images and virtual reality are so significant that they have already become a part of our mind. Combined with images of reality they create models that replace this reality and become more comfortable for human beings to live in. The artists are confident that “something non-existent is more real and effective to them than the real life as we have been living in surreal world for a long time”.
Grey background of the canvas is the base for modelling that can be filled with various textures and fragments of information. The different scenes that are purposely repeated in different models indicate that the same information might have a different meaning being put in a different context.


“In this sense, public space is understood as a kind of vacuum, open and empty space in which certain structures, objects of art, monuments, commercial advertising, political propaganda and many other things can interfere.”

From the article by B. Groys “From the Void to the Paradox: Boris Groys on the Public Space.” June 2015.

The project consists of 21 canvases sealed in a plexiglass box. Canvas, acrylic, plexiglass. 58x81x9 cm.